Help! I need to fix my mistakes but how?!

I’ve made some bad mistakes in the past and I keep making them and I just dont know how to stop making them and to listen more to my parents im trying but it seems that I want to just do what I want because I hardly go anywhere and I just need freedom from my family? so what should I do I mean the mistakes are I keep walking off and not telling my mom and I dont want to do that anymore. when im aloud to go somewhere I always mess it up somehow and I just dont know how to stop. please help?

Answer #1

I praise you for your efforts. Start by making a promise to yourself before you step out the door where your boundaries are and must stay. You will start seeing a change in yourself and it will make you proud of yourself. We can’t look back. Move forward and try to be the BEST you can. Who could ask for anything more than that? Good luck and God Bless!!

Answer #2

It sounds to me like your commucation is not very good with yiour parents. You should respect them and listen to them, if you want to do something different then what they ask of you then you need to speak with them (without shouting) and come to a agreement on what you can do. Tell them how you feel about needing space. If you act more like a adult you may get treated like one. Your parents should always know where you are. This is the only way they maybe able to help you if something bad where to happen to you.

Answer #3

Bad habits are hard to change. Tell your mom you want to listen more. It may help to start the change. Stop hanging out with friends that peer pressure you into trouble if this is part of the problem. Talk as much as you can with your mom so she knows exactly how you feel. Hope this helps. Mama K

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