how can i fix this?............

so today i made mah bro mad.i ran into my parents closet and hid. my bro didint come after me so i relaxed. i heard my mom getting out of the i was like hehe lets creeps her i slowly opened the dór.and shes like get out do you wanna see me naked. i didint realize my mom was taking a shower.she called me a perv and hit me and shes saying cant you hear the shower running.and idid not.but she says you gonna get it. any solutions on how to solve this?

Answer #1

This probably wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t trying to creep on people or anger them. So you should probably stop doing that, lol.

In any case, the only thing you can do is say sorry and move on. This is an unfortunate case of “what’s done is done”.

Answer #2

wow…you have a weird family XD

Answer #3

i know right

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