How can I fix my fiance's relationship with my Dad?

I need serious help..I have been dating my boyfriend for over two years and we recently got engaged…he is my world, I could never live without him..all he ever does is support me and he helps my parents with whatever they need done. The problem is we want to get married as soon as possible and my parents are being difficult..they never let me see’s almost as if they are forcing me to do something before I really want to! My dad and fiance got into a heated argument got pretty ugly…now my fiance is threatening to leave me unless I leave my family and move mom says if I elope I’ll never be allowed back home..Please any advice would help.. Thanks

Answer #1

Sounds like your fiance is the one forcing you before you’re ready - ‘Move out and leave your family or I’m outta here !’ - what a guy !!….I’d look at HIM a LOT harder !….Him telling you that speaks volumes about his CHARACTER !….I too wonder, why the rush ??

now my fiance is threatening to leave me unless I leave my family and move out <<<<

Answer #2

What were your boyfriend and father fighting about? There’s more to know.

I’m not going to just assume that your boyfriend is a big jerk here. There could be so much more to this story than we know. Look–some parents suck and are abusive. They’re mean and unreasonable. Maybe your parents are these things and your boyfriend wants to protect you and you’re hanging on to the hope that someday they’ll change. Maybe he’s trying to get through to you.

I am a believer that not all parents should have been parents and deserve to have their children latched onto them for life. I walked away from both my parents when I was 16. It’s sad and hard at times, especially as i get older, but my parents are terrible people. Maybe you’re in the same situation.

Maybe your parents are right and your boyfriend is some kind of control freak trying to ruin your life by talking you into getting married and leaving them.

There’s a lot to know here before advising.

Regardless of all of this–you’re too young to get married.

I got married at 21, thought I wanted it all. A family, a baby, a husband, a mortgage and two car garage. Then I got it. Then I saw all the other 21 year olds traveling around the world with amazing experiences and pictures and stories of what happened in Egypt and Mexico, going to concerts, making friends all over the place, working and living cheap and having a blast. Meanwhile I was at home getting dinner on the table for my husband who worked the night shift at the post office, 6 days a week. It didn’t start out that way. But you realize when you make a family, whenever there are changes in life, you have to do whatever you can to keep food on the table. Your needs come second to everything. That is a selfless lifestyle that you need lots of life experience to be able to pull off.

So go out and be young! Don’t marry, don’t tie yourself down until you’re older and ready for it. Have a boyfriend, sure. But marraige is not your wedding day and a pretty white dress. It is every day, for the next 50-60 years.

Answer #3

Important info to know…what is yours and your fiances’ age. Why are you in such a big hurry to get married?

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