My mum need a fashion fix.

My mum is quite thin but she wears baggie clothes. She should wear skinnie jeans and like orange or red strappie tops. She is really hard to shop with. What can I do to make her wear these.

Answer #1

Maybe she feels comfortable wearing baggy clothes

Stop trying to make your /mother/ dress like a slutty teen.

Answer #2

Tanks youu x

Answer #3

Yeah England :) x

Answer #4

Mum? Wow, you’re either from Canada or England huh?

Answer #5

first off, why does she wear baggy clothes? is she uncomfortable with her body?

and maybe you could buy her some nice tops for christmas, altho xmas is next month, but saying something like “mum, you should try this top on! it will look so good on you” while your out shopping?

sorry I have such crappy advice.

Answer #6

well sorry to say but if your mom likes wearing those clothes them maybe you shouldnt try change that …

Answer #7

She’s your MOTHER. You can’t MAKE her do anything. She’s an adult- teenager styles like skinny jeans are typically inappropriate for a woman over 30. If you want to help, tell her she’s an attractive woman, that she should show off her figure a bit more, SUGGEST a style of clothing, SUGGEST you take her to a better fashion store, and then if she takes you up on the offer, go for it. Don’t try to embarrass her into revealing clothing, since she’s obviously not one to show off her body- pick a classy top, and a classy bottom and go from there. (a little thought of fact- many mom’s wear unfashionable and cheap clothes because they’d rather their daughters get to look nice than themselves. This is true most often when money is tight)

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