How to fix things with my Mom and stepdad?

I got into this huge fight with my mom and step dad. I had told my mom that I wanted to go see my dad over are 4 day break and that I didn’t feel comfortable staying with my step dad for the 4 days because my mom was going to be gone and I would have to stay the whole time with him. and she told her that I didn’t feel comfortable and she told my sted dad that and he told me that he didnt want me to live in his house anymore and I had to move out. and my real dad doesnt want me to live with him either. but my mom got my step dad to let me stay for now but he’s making it a living hell for me and I have no way to keep in touch with anyone because he has taken everything away from me. what can I do?

Answer #1

I had a friend in high school. her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom and her step-dad. she never felt comfortable being alone with her step-dad, just a “feeling” but she felt it strongly enough to want to live with her dad.. her dad had remarried also and his new wife (who was pregnant) didn’t want his kid from another marriage living with them. so the dad said no. arguments happened, there were hurt feelings and she was allowed to stay with her mom but from then on her step-dad was very mean to her. I knew this girl, she was a really good friend. she had the normal arguments that a teenager has with her parents. I heard them sometimes when I was at her house. anyway, she stayed at her mom and step-dad’s house until she went to live on her own when she was 18. long story…but here is the conclusion. none of that was her fault. she didn’t owe anyone an apology. as a girl she felt that she needed to trust her own feelings and she felt “creepy” when she was alone around her step dad. there weren’t wo sides to the story. creepy step-dad, mother that wouldn’t stand up for her and trust her feelings, dad who wanted a “new” family with his new wife. you see it everyday. uncomfortable is uncomfortable. maybe if more moms stood up for their daughters when they felt “creepy” around any male, there would be fewer cases of abuse. I am sorry for what you are going through. Please go to an adult if anything more happens with your step-dad. go to your pastor, a teacher, your principal, a neighbor or go to the police if he tries anything sexual. that is not right and it is NOT your fault.

Answer #2

that is hard do you have any more family you can stay with that is the only think I can think of

Answer #3

Well how come you don’t feel comfortable staying with your step-dad alone? Is there a reason to why nobody seems to want you to live with them? I seen your age and I use to live in Michigan and you should know that they can’t kick you out legally until your 17.


Answer #4

Sounds like you fought yourself out of their lives - so those 3 are wrong and you’re right - you did nothing - that correct or do you ‘just maybe’ owe them an apology - even a pancake has 2 sides…Good luck !!

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