How to fix my relationship with my Mom?

So im 16 years old and my mom and I have always have had a good relationship since my parents got divorced when I was 5. however she remarried and now we have a horrible relationship and we cannot talk with out fighting. she just instigates a fight and loves to tell me how wrong and a horrible person I am. im not even allowed to express my own opinion wit out getting told “well no one asked you” (not even joking) so everytime I try and talk to her and say why do you always have to instigate a fight, we start fighting and I hate it. And now im contemplating moving out of state on my 18th birthday so I dont have to deal with it anymore. And I do well in school and never once got introuble with the school or with the law, so its not like she can just say how bad I am. so what can I say with out getting yelled at? Im a guy if that makes a difference.

Answer #1

Well I think you should just come out to your mom and say “ look I dont want this to go on no more because if I stay here im going to end up hating you and I want us to have a good relationship later on in life “ or something like that emphasize on the fact that you guys cant talk without fighting and that is not healthy. hope I helped. -Greek Beauty

Answer #2

Sorry about what is going on! you know what you could do? you could write her a letter…or when the two of you are alone at home ask her (when she is calm/relaxed) that you want to talk (and don’t raise your voice!) before you leave, because you might not be able to again…that’s the advice my friends gave me…I hope it helps.

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