Would it be better if all humans were fixed around the age of 12?

now don’t freak out on me. serious question. Ok getting your tubes tied or having a vasectomy can all be reversed. there for my view is before humans start to reproduce they are fixed. When the time comes that a person wishes to or desires a child they reverse it. i feel this is a decent human way to deal with the earth population and eliminate all teen pregnancies. plus it would greatly reduce the the number of woman and men on welfare and other government support. increase the number of students to finish high school even go to college. people would have to a chance to improve their quality of life be fore being burdened with a child.

Answer #1

No. That would NOT be better, especially considering you used the word all and if the child were forced. No way would that be better for the worlds happiness or healthiness.

Answer #2

The question made me a little angry when I first read it but, honestly, I can’t disclaim that it’s a sound idea. Imagine the medical costs though … wow.

Answer #3

use the welfare money to do it that would be saved?

Answer #4

No it would be horrible Colleen. :( I don’t wanna be fixed just ‘cause my parents or the government don’t trust me. ): lol Aren’t there other ways. Dx

Answer #5

you honestly think that their are that many preteen boys and girls that would go noooooooo i want to accidentally get pregnant at 14. seriously parents and teens would honestly be grateful.

Answer #6

They just need to change what they do not what they are.

Answer #7

yeah thats worked real well over the last 30 years

Answer #8

Nobody’s even tried dude. People are encouraging sex through everything in these children’s lives.

Answer #9

Lily - I’m not saying it should be done, I’m only saying that in respect of the current problems we’re facing with teen and unwanted pregnancies, it’s a logical thought.

Answer #10

Thanks Colleen. Kind of a scary thought to me. lol :P

Answer #11

agh then there will be more diseases spread cuz they cant get preg so they just sleep around lol. Logical but not likely since all people have a right over their own bodies.

Answer #12

your right i guess i don’t need to include the word all. we could say just the men so you bleeding heart women can relax even though your way more likely as a gender to begin having sex with men more than 5 years older than guys are having sex with women 5 years older and up.

Answer #13

I can see the how it’s a logical solution, but at the same time I don’t agree with it. The amount of teen pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies have escalated and they are horrible, but getting every single human fixed just seems rather inhumane? Perhaps not the word for it but I feel it demeans mankind. I think people need to learn self-control and learn to think before they act, but then again, lol, it’s been clear that it’s getting worst rather than better.

Answer #14

Actually more people need to have kids if that only had planned children I’m certain we have problems Japan is a window into that its going to cese to exist in the next 200 years people are living longer but not having children so there living of pentions but since they didn’t have children the generation below them is smaller so there is a smaller working force causing problems with there economy the united states can only support its population the emmigration the only race having children at a rate of sustainability are Mexicans

Answer #15

what i can’t even make out half of what you said mainly cause your very poor with grammar and sentence structure. but to my knowledge you honestly stated people need to breed faster and more often. right?

Answer #16

No actually what I’m trying to say is the average birth rate needs the be even across the board.the rate its at now is fine its distribution amongst the different nations.Japan is in trouble because they have a low birth rate in comparison to there death rate.the only way to fix that for them to have more children and raise the retirement age.its population density and distribution rather then population control.another factor is that day this were to go into effect I’m sure many people would see it as their treating our kids like animals and that’s what your doing

Answer #17

japan in trouble? i think not i think the idea that in the next fifty years they will decrease 33% is a good thing it will provide better living conditions to the remaining people. japan has been over crowded for the last 40 years. Asia in general is over crowded. America has to many people to support properly by properly i mean supplying a high standard of living. Africa to many people no food no jobs no water. less people means better living. since people don’t die out as they had 200 years ago and earlier something needs to change meaning less babies world wide. nearly 28% of pregnancies in the world are unplanned resulting people being burdened by the child ill prepared to see to the kids needs. kids are animals you are an animal i am an animal no one who uses this web site or any other for that matter is not an animal. i don’t see any flowers or rocks using keyboards.

Answer #18

Reversing vasectomies and tubal ligations isn’t trivial and often unsuccessful. The solution is education. The teen pregnancy rate has been generally declining since the 1950’s. It is still higher than it should be but at least it is going in the right direction.. If more kids had comprehensive sex education they would be better informed and make better decisions about sex and birth control. “Abstinence only” education has proven ineffective and exists to instill Victorian era sexual mores on kids rather than prepare them for a lifetime of sexual and reproductive health.

Answer #19

We do in this messed up world of gaining wealth.Whole societies are built on us being robots,to work ,reproduce ,pay tax,get too old to work ,then our kids pay the bills ect…and the whole work for a living thing is one of gaining more in order to be sucsessful,in order for so many to keep gaining… we need losers,if the number of new people being born is not enough then the winners have no one to take from= the end of life as we know it coz the rich guys cant play…bring in foriegn help.

Answer #20

No, not logical. All of those operations would cost the shitload of money.

Answer #21

about a thousand dollars less than what is sent to one American for food card in 4 months

Answer #22

my education tells me left in the hands of the individual pregnancy’s happen educating people about sex won’t stop it. and i’m not just talking about teens did you know that 48% of pregnancies in America are unplanned that includes women of all ages. so my theory helps all groups. and your right at times it can take more than one attempt to reverse the procedures I’m talking about. but heart surgery and brain surgery use to be challenging for doctors too. until they became more common practice. same will happen from the sterilization removal procedures. and it’s not real teen pregnancies that are down it’s birth. that’s many due to @bortions.

Answer #23

ALL? Humankind would die out if nobody had kids…

Answer #24

did you stop reading after the top line?

Answer #25

Incorrect, Obviously the number of terminated pregnancies was under-reported where it was illegal before 1973. After declining for 20 years, from 1970 to 1991 teen birth rates increased but since 1991 the rates of both teenage pregnancy and pregnancy termination have declined. Today’s teens have a lower pregnancy rate than any time going back at least to 1950 (I haven’t seen statistics prior to 1950, could be even longer).

Answer #26

No I didn’t. You obviously have no idea about the stuff women have to go through to get their tubes tied, not to mention undone! Ridiculous question.

Answer #27

no ridiculous are the people who can’t see the point or even agree with the possible benefits. i don’t want to hear about what women have to go through it’s not as much as if they had a child at 14 or dropped out of college due to a baby or had to give up a wonderful career because they got pregnant. why do all you young teen girls spout this my holy body crap. stop being selfish and consider the possible benefits. of getting everything you want in life before having a baby. ensuring they they have a person who will actually hang around and be a father. Having enough to provide a good stable life for the child. this has nothing to do with anything but ensuring the future of our race to constantly improve and progress past what we are today as a group and a culture not just a few lucky individuals who don’t have a mishap.

Answer #28

I’m with Lily. Instead of coercing tens of millions of children to undergo risky, expensive, and sometimes irreversible surgery against their will, how about banning the commercial and sexual exploitation of children by corporations that want to sell them a distorted but profitable image of human sexuality? Much cheaper; much less intrusive; much healthier (as PA’s Angel and Countess Janice pointed out) for budding young psyches and relationships.

Answer #29

yeah i see that working. humans are animals animals breed. when humans come of sexual age they tend to mate and occasionally breed. but this isn’t just about the youth it’s about that 23 year old in law school who just become pregnant at her junior year and might not long finish. Or the guy who doesn’t go to college because he has to go work to support the woman and child he created at 16. Or the couple that both have jobs and are moving up the career ladder trying to accomplish there dreams that one day find out she is pregnant and that house they were closing on is no longer big enough or that big conformance in japan will be missed due too baby issues. i’ll post a fact sheet below to point out a few dozen things that would no long exist if people were fixed.

Answer #30

How many teens are becoming pregnant?

Despite declines in rates of teen pregnancy in the U.S., about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year. That means that 34 percent of teenagers have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20. 79 percent of teenagers who become pregnant are unmarried. Utah’s teen pregnancy rate is high, as well as Southern teen pregnancy but these are areas where women still get married prior to the age of 20 with some regularity (although this is changing). 80 percent of teenage pregnancies are unintended. Nearly four in ten teenage girls whose first intercourse experience happened at 13 or 14 report that the sex was unwanted or involuntary. The main rise in the teen pregnancy rate is among girls younger than 15 Close to 25 percent of teen mothers have a second child within two years of the first birth.

Social, educational and financial costs of teen pregnancy

The United State spends $7 billion each year due to the costs of teen pregnancy. Only one-third of teenage mothers complete high school and receive their diplomas By age 30, only 1.5 percent of women who had pregnancies as a teenager have a college degree. 80 percent of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare Within the first year of becoming teen mothers, one-half of unmarried teen mothers go on welfare.* The daughters of teen mothers are 22 percent more likely than their peers to become teen mothers. Sons of teenaged mothers have a 13 percent greater chance of ending up in prison as compared to their peers.

How much greater is the U.S. teen pregnancy rate than other countries?*

Greater teen pregnancy rates translate into higher @bortion in the United States for the industrialized world. The U.S. has twice the teen pregnancy rate as Canada Both Germany and France have a teen pregnancy rate that is four times lower than the U.S. Japan’s teen pregnancy rate is eight times lower the United States

Answer #31

Humans aren’t animals dude. :/ We ARE capable of controlling ourselves.

Answer #32

I agree with Hayyim and Lily. We, unlike animals, are capable of thought and we aren’t like animals who live on instinct alone, we can reason we can think, and we CAN control ourselves. We don’t need to hump something every time we feel an urge.

Answer #33

So your saying we aren’t animals well then what the F are we?your points on what we do that animals don’t are all invalid as all animals think and control them selves. i also argue that humans do live on instinct.

Answer #34

John, if the surgery you advocate is useful for people in so many different kinds of situations, all you have to do is advertise it, not impose it.

Answer #35

lol Well all that nonsense you can continue believing then dude.

Answer #36

animals cannot control themselves when they bite your @ss or scratch you or eat outta the dumpster or get hit by a car becuase they dont control themselves to stay outta the road. We are far more evolved. far mopre HUMAN thats what we are

Answer #37

really annies do i have to disprove this it seems so stupid what you said. it honestly made my brain hurt.

Answer #38

So the 9000 pedestrians whom are hit and die by car every year aren’t humans? All the squirrels I’ve ever come close to in my car run back to the other side. Ask any parent if their child has bitten them before. You can teach a dog not to bite. Ask the victim of an attack if they have ever clawed or bitten or kicked their assailant. I’m sure the police could answer that as they often pull the chunks of flesh and skin from the victims fingernails and teeth. The only reason humans have this idea that we are better than other animals is because we discover ways to kill and eat all other animals. We have a big brain so do dolphins if they fingers and thumbs they would have guns too. How many homeless and poor people do you think ate out of dumpsters? Could it possibly be because they have an instinct to fill there stomach?

Answer #39

I support the future world of Demolition Man, if you want to have a kid you have to go through a beurocratic approval process. Seems to be the only humane way to reduce population to the 500 million limit set by the all knowing Georgia Guidestones

Answer #40

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Answer #41

John C - just because a pregnancy is unplanned, does not mean that it is unwanted. Many unplanned pregnancies are from married couples and women/other couples that are perfectly capable of caring for children without any kind of assistance. Sure, there needs to be a better solution for teen pregnancy, but I hardly think that “fixing” kids like animals in a pound is going to solve anything. If anything, it would probably create more problems…

Answer #42

problems? unplanned and capable are different things

Answer #43

I can see where you’re coming from, but I stick to the ‘more education’ side of things; doesn’t involve surgery etc.

I think if people were more aware of what exactly sex is, what comes of it etc they wouldn’t be so curious about it. I know I’m curious about it because nobody has..well, explained things. I get the ‘how you get pregnant’ but to face the truth, nobody wants to explain things in depth. What happens in the process etc.

I do stick close to my choice of abstinence until I am able to support myself.

Answer #44

Actually the numbers have decreased the problem is we are more open so it seems as though we have more instead of less.

Answer #45

Also humans are just as he put in with the word “fixed” we ARE animals and NOTHING will change that.

Answer #46

i dont think so

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