how can I, a 14 year old girl, lose weight quickly and safely??

I am a very tall, young girl. But I look skinny because I’m tall, but I’m not skinny. And I feel fat because all my friends are skinny. I’m 5’9 and a 1/4 and I weigh 169Lbs. But two years ago I weighed 120Lbs. I gained 49Lbs in two years, which is not healthy at all.

Answer #1

Cut out ALL junkfoods… try to do it for a month, it really works =] I didn’t think I ate a lot of junk food, but if you consciously make an effort then youi realise that actually you do =]

Answer #2

I have the same problem and im also 14, don’t eat any sweets during the day (I can’t keep that rule) try not to eat a lot of bread and swim a few laps at the gym,it really works! Hope I helped. Xxx

Answer #3

Exercise and something I started doing is not eating after 6. It’s hard, but it’s actually working. And try to avoid sweets and a lot of bread.

Answer #4

dont do anything major like protien shackes just dont eat to many sweets and try playing sports or talking up dance contest

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