Am I short and fat for a 14 year old?

Am I fat and short for a 14 year old about to be 15? Im 5’1 1/2 I weigh 108lbs im 14 about to be 15 am I short and fat?

Answer #1

no way thas not fat at all your way under anything considered fat

Answer #2

no your not fat but your not tall either.

Answer #3

your not fat or short but your not tall

Answer #4

Youre under the average in both but youre not “short” I say once youre over 5 foot youre not “short” youre just not tall? ha im only five two (maybe five two and a half?) but yeah im only at most an inch taller then you and I weigh 115 so no youre not short and no youre not fat~

Answer #5


Answer #6

u are not fat a girl that goes to my school shes 12 and weighs about 122

Answer #7

god no your not fat im shorter then you and I weight 125

Answer #8

hell no your not fat

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