How do you lose 2stone in a month please help and im 14 years old

Please help I look really fat and I need to lose weiight fast please help!!!

Answer #1

You dont. You didnt put on 30 pounds in a month and you’re not going to lose it in a month.

Answer #2

try cutting down your portions a bit. then itll get harder to eat more. dont raddically change your diet because it could upset your stomach. dont worry if you keep it up youll get thinner. trust me I was there. =) good luck

Answer #3

just cut your carb intake down (bread pasta rice noodles biscuits crackers etc) and replace it with fresh fruit and veges. not out of a can though because they have often a lot of sugar in them. eat the same amount everyday and dont eat junk food. go for a run every night and build it up a bit more every time. do some weight excersises to help turn the fat into muscle (dosent have to be expensive, just use anything in the house you can find. bottles of water work good. or cans of food, just make sure they are approx the same weight.

keep it up, you will get skinny!!! good luck! xx

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