How can I lose weight in my stomach in 1 month at 14 years old?

Heplp me=(. I would rrly want someone to show me. Plzz if you help it would be a blessin. Thank you guys!!

Answer #1

The first thing to do, before going out and exersizing, would be to cut down on what you eat. First, take out soda, chips, and (sadly) chocolate. In a month, just with those things, you will have noticed a difference.

I’ve found that when I write out an excersizing schedual that I never follow it. So, instead of sitting at the ocmputer, walk around outside. Bring your iPod, and keep in mind that every minute spent on your feet instead of sitting is losing weight.

Another tip, drink lots of water ^^

Answer #2

I don’t think that you can really target your weight loss to just one area. If you are losing weight, you’ll lose it all over. There are so many ways to lose weight. All I can really say is diet and exercise and you decide how you want to diet and/or exercise. Good Luck! :)

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