What will happen if and when the US government shuts down?

Answer #1

All non-essential services and offices will be shut down. Government workers and military personnel will not get paid. The IRS will be shut down, so anyone waiting for a tax refund will have to wait. I believe even SS and medicare payments will stop also. Not sure about that though.

Many conservatives actually want this shut down to happen. They think they are sending a message to Washington. But in reality the ones who get hurt most are the people who need these services, and government workers. In this economy, this is a really bad decision by the GOP. And also, contrary to popular belief, a government shut down does not save the taxpayers any money. In fact the process of shutting down and restarting will cost far more than not shutting down.

Answer #2

Wow. Crazier than I thought - and things were already pretty crazy to start with.

Answer #3

yeah, my mom’s only income is SS so if it gets shut down she wont have any income apparently? messed up

Answer #4

Government for the middle class indeed.

Answer #5

the world will not be as we know it and we will have access to area 51

Answer #6

Keep in mind that the politicians shutting down the government will continue to get paid while 800,000 govt. employees will not. These congress people are something else.

Answer #7

You are right Don, but also be aware that these guys are mostly millionaires so they wouldn’t miss it either. I honestly don’t believe it is all of congress. It is the GOP leadership that is pushing this to the brink. The dems have actually already agreed to the cuts they initially said they wanted. But the teabaggers told Boener it wasn’t enough and sent him back with more demands. Most of congress do not want to see a shutdown. But the teabaggers actually want it. They think it will send a message and save money. But as usual they are wrong.

Answer #8

I love it…

Answer #9

The same thing that always happens… Joe Citizen will get the shaft.

This is a catch 22… we’re damned if we do… damned if we don’t. The feds love to hold their entitlements over our heads. Notice that regardless of funding… the establishment always get theirs… and the man on the street is the first one to suffer if he questions the system. I think this is indicative of the problem. When we become too reliant on a nanny government… we are beholden to the feds tantrums. Sure… they will keep us afloat after their actions have impoverished us and funded the elite… but if we should ever begin to question the system… we will be left to flounder.

I think we should see this as a wake up call. We should not be beholden to a corrupt federal government.

As far as a government shut down… I really don’t care. I have no partisan qualms in the matter. I realize that nothing good ever comes from government.

Answer #10

“”I realize that nothing good ever comes from government.”

I would amend this to say: “nothing good ever comes from corporate influence over our government:”

It is not government per se that is the problem, it is the fact that it no longer properly represents the people or their welfare. We still need to have government.

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