Why is the US government holding secret meetings to see if they can prosecute wikileaks?

The same day that Hillary Clinton is praising the power of the ‘social internet’ to help facilitate democracy, bring down dictators and what not…the US government is holding secret trials to determine if we can, in fact, prosecute wikileaks. Forgive me, but, if we’re all in support of OTHER governments opening up their curtains to let the light shine through…why aren’t members of EITHER huge political party standing up and saying we should do the same domestically? Is it because they trust in the idiots who elected them that they can get away with anything?

Answer #1

It is a nice double standard, do as I say not as I do.

Answer #2

I hear you J. You have to realize one thing though- The U.S, believes that it is the primary police of the world. Wikileaks, is bordering the line of “freedom of the press”, and is working from another country. The question is: “ How is wikileaks getting all this classified information? “ Someone in the U.S govt is leaking the information. Which in turn, is compromising our country in some form or another.

I will say this though: The USA, want’s to keep “His” master’s in the shadows. It is not classified that the USA is involved in a lot of secrecy matters..

Answer #3

the reason for the secret meetings is to make sure that nobody has any other skeletons in the closet that may come out if prosecution pursued.

Answer #4

The US government is hoping to be successful in prosecuting the whistleblowers (Wikileaks) so this will prevent others who may want to leak any of their confidential information in the future. To be honest, I think the US government and other governments in other countries are hypocrites. Why do they need to hide stuff from the voting public, we are the ones who placed them in powers. The mentality of these governments and their slogans, “what is said behind closed doors needs to be keep within these doors” are bullsh@t. If they have nothing to hide, why prosecute the whistleblowers.

Answer #5

I believe your summary encapsulates their insolence and our pathos perfectly. We’re just lame like that.

Answer #6

You know it, dude!

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