What do you think of the US Government shutting down Megaupload?

The US Justice department contacted the New Zealand government and told them to arrest the website owners and charge them with piracy. So now the US is not even waiting on the SOPA legislation to pass. They are going against websites that may have broken US laws and ordering those countries to shut the websites down and arrest the owners of the websites. Megaupload is so huge that all the other file sharing websites are really scared that the US is coming after them.

After this indictment, hackers were able to shut down the Justice deparment and FBI website for hours. These hackers go by the name of Anonymous.






Answer #1

The government is out of control. These Copyright Wars are getting serious. Next time they close YouTube, because there is illegal content too. this is a good article about MegaUpload shut Down.. - http://funadvice.com/r/15mul11ahsr

Answer #2

Over-reaction by the US Government trying to please the people who are millionaires or should I say the very wealthy who has their own agenda to protect, that is their own wealth… So what if people were or are sharing music, video and stuff online illegally, people copyright stuff all the time… The US government wanted to impose a 55 years jail terms for copyright infringement for the offenders. Seriously, how many people here have photocopied a text book, photocopied more then the legal 10% of the book because we cannot be bother buying the textbook at full price. The US government should stop acting like they are the Big Brother, standing over other nations around the world and needing to dictate what people around the world should be doing, ESPECIALLY when it comes to using the internet.

Answer #3

I’m really getting sick of the US government doing things like this to other countries! They’re acting like spoilt children ordering other nations around just like they bully developing countries and take whatever they want. They really need to take a step back and see how people all over the world see the US as a whole. That they are not the police of the world. Before they get a real wake-up call.

Answer #4

Oh my goddness. Its comming true. they are trying to create a One World Government. Im from the US and dont get me wrong i love my country. But they are goin to far. I dont agree with this at all. Im sorry to hear that MY country is such a stick in the @ss. Illuminate i say.. Maybe?? i dunno.

Answer #5

I guess i can see why they are making a fuss. Megaupload takes the rich singers stuff and makes money off of it with out profiting the singer. All for free of cost to them. So i kinda see the point but still they are already rich enough. If i was a singer i would see it as a getting my name out there for more business. And since it is US made music/singers they have right to sue in annyone in any country. jail time is a little extreme. All of it is a little extreme honestly.

Answer #6

Its not really taking what they want tho. Its taking what is theirs to begin with. The music/singers are from US so they have the right to sue anyone anywhere for making money off their music for free and not profiting the makers/singers. Dont get me wrong i dis agree with this but i can see their point.

Answer #7

So we can make copies of any US DVD and sell them in Canada, New Zealand, or some other country and since we are not in the US its wrong? most countries have an agreement with the US saying they will honor US copyrights, and give the US jurisdiction in US copyright infringements. Not saying I agree, but that is how it is.

Answer #8

its not wrong i meant lol

Answer #9

I wasn’t talking about that, I was talking about how they take oil and other things from other countries. -.-

Answer #10

Yea :/

Answer #11

total waste of time nothing will ever stop people from going to a diffrent sever and get what they want nothing will stop it but i will say megaupload was fairly viel website fore getting free stuff

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