Why did the US government sponsor two Oregon state sentators to visiti Maldives?

The Oregon government that they’re running is at a 2.5 billion dollar deficit…and the federal government is worse off. So when the Under Secretary of State has already been here, along with countless diplomats from other countries, what possible excuse does the US government have to send them to a resort for two days on top of a few week long bender in south asia when they’re not even involved in the state department?

Answer #1

They visited as part of a new initiative between the Maldivian Democracy Network and US Embassy in Colombo to contribute to legislative capacity building in the Maldives. This will give you the only real information I could find that pertained to your question: [link removed]

Answer #2

www(dot)maldivesembassy(dot)jp/cat_001/3415 Obviously replace the (dot) with an actual .

Answer #3

The Oregon treaty of 1846 made by the U.S. gov., I think puts the U.S. gov. in charge of certain payments.Its politics, somtimes doesn’t make sense.

Answer #4

Ok…I wasnt asking for facts but rather, WHY….do you think that’s a good use of your tax dollars? I certainly don’t.

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