Is it true the the government is hiding a lot of things from us?

is it true that the government has cures for a lot of viruses and dieses but isnt telling us?? and that they wont tell us them because we spend SO much money on a pill or theopy and keep giving them money???

Answer #1

I really think so, they know more than they are telling. Dave Chapelle even did a skit about them finding the cure for AIDS and making contact with aliens, lol.

Answer #2

because a friend of mine told me that the government is hiding cures from us b/c we spend SO much money on pills to get rid of it for a year and then pay another 100$ when it comes back and for the next month and another 200$ for the next 5 months it comes back you know?

Answer #3

my dad is really into all the supposed “conspiracies” within the govt. I dont know where I stand but there is a pretty compelling website called “godlike productions” that asks these types of questions and theres is all kinds of other info relating…you could really find some answers there.

Answer #4

Cures for diseases? No. Why? Because they’d make more tax revenue from the pharmacuetical companies…it’s in their best interest to encourage people to sell more stuff, b/c they get more money.

However, hiding stuff like what government official broke the law, yep, that’s standard.

Answer #5

I don’t know. My dad’s into a lot of conspiracy theories and things like. He’s told me quite a lot about it, like Area 51 and UFO crash cover ups, about how they DO have a cure for things but keep them quiet to make more money,and a load of other things as well. I’m still not sure whether or not I believe him.

Answer #6

Yea, the problem is that they treat symptoms more often than cure diseases. If they cured it then the problem would go away and they couldn’t keep collecting money. As long as they only treat the symptoms, you’ll always be filling your prescription.

Answer #7

HOW DO you GET IN WITH THIS GOVERMENT THING??? I want to join them!!!lol well my mom is also all about that kinda stuff 2… she believes that they also create diseases and stuff to lower the population. I really dont know. It scares me really to think of that kind of stuff. personally I dont think that they are because, like some guy above said, they would get money out of it.. but I see where your coming from to… Maybe thats how Magic Jonson was cured… maybe he paid them enough money to get the cure for HIV and was made to keep quit?? I don’t know but that topic always gets me thinking, like the area 51 thing thats CRAZY!!! I really wish I could get into doing that kinda stuff you know that would be like the best job ever!

Answer #8

The government is so powerful, it no longer needs to hide anything from us.

Answer #9

um not for diseases but for other stuff like area 51 and other stuff. its stupid cause we pay taxes for them to use and they dont even tell us what they are using it for

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