What will happen with the US democratic party taking over?

A friend told me with the new party in power….government health care will be pushed….our commitment to success in Iraq will be abandoned….our taxes will rise dramaticly….the gay and prochoice agenda will be pushed….I was surprised, I thought the Democrats were going to offer ‘solutions’ to succeed in Iraq, not turn-tail !….anybody with any inside info ??

Answer #1

Those are fairly sweeping questions. Unfortunately, with the president being republican & the house / senate being democrat, it means a bit more “balance” though what that might mean - is that nothing changes.

Ideally, government makes things “better”….eg, helps the poor, provides education, etc. However, during the last two presidents - democrate & republican - schools have fallen further & further behind other industrialized nations. Few will argue education is NOT the future of the country.

Improvements must be made in that system, else the rest is moot & the quality of life known here will deteriorate. Honestly, for the rest of it…well, I’d rather a president or the house or the senate decry an emergency in the school system. Trouble is, those things take so long to sort out if you had an impact or not, that it’s not going to win the red or blue party a re-election.

Answer #2

You might also ask yourself where our “trickle down” share of all of the cuts that were made went. Those cuts didn’t even support the war effort. Where is the share of the working people, Bush?

Answer #3

Better Things then our Stupid President…

Answer #4

Big money will remain big money and the poor will remain poor with the middle class to sustain them. It is two sides of the same coin that differ now only between extremists such as your friend who failed to give you much info to his findings. Try to get the facts for yourself and think for yourself. Don’t just choose Republican because it isn’t Democrat and it is Pro-Life. A few key issues give to you by the republican party doesn’t make it the best party. I vote Republican for a classic allowance of state laws have more weight than government law, and a tendency to make better proactive decisions in times of crisis or faltering economy. I didn’t vote republican in the last presidential election, but I did vote Republican in my own state for governor. Why? Because our current executive branch is the most reclusive office in all of history with with too many coincidental special interest needs behind them and a honeyed tongue that tried to woo the Christian population by claiming to be born again and not actually explaining anything about what he can do for this country. The man used 9/11 as a campaign slogan and that sickens me as a former New Yorker. Reagan would have had Osama. Same with Nixon, or even Bush Sr!

You want to know what I think about the Bush Cheney campaign. Check out this Berkeley professors little take on the facts http://www.journalof911studies.com/ try to actually look at all the evidence before you spend too much time trying to spin anything.

Answer #5

With the debacle in Iraq there is no winning; the best we can do now is to cut our losses.

Yes, there will be a push for socialized medicine. Currently America has among the best medical care for those who can afford it; for those who can’t we are little better than 3rd world countries. As time goes on more and more companies are dropping health insurance because there is no profit in it for them. Something has to give.

The Democrats will probably roll back the tax cuts for the wealthy. Unless you stand to inherit $millions, or you make a high six figure salary you probably won’t even notice. I’d personally be happy paying a little more in taxes if if meant that we would be paying down our debt.

Most Democrats like the majority of Americans are pro-choice. It is the “pro-lifers” who are the minority who are trying to force their views on the rest of us.

Yes some Democrats are in favor of the gay agenda of equal rights for people of all sexual orientations.

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