Do we need the US government to figure out how to make transactions secure?

Apparently, the government is drafting a plan to help figure out how to make sure people can transact online knowing that their identity, and the other party, are both trustworthy…don’t we already have this in the form of websites…? I know I trust corporations as much as the government, but, this is wasting WAY too much money even contemplating the idiocy.

Answer #1

Yeah….just want I want….the government protecting my identity…..I’m sure there is WAY more that they want than just my personal safety….the government sugaring up a “this is for YOUR benefit”, instantly has me looking for what is really on their agenda.


Answer #2

I want the federal government to provide four main services…

To ensure that state laws do not infringe upon my constitutional rights… not to one up the states on the amount of rights they infringe upon.

To provide for the common welfare… not to try and level all strata but to provide for the poor and enfeebled.

To issue currency… not to contract it out to private interests

To maintain an armed forces in order to prevent foreign invasion… not to engage in preemptive wars.

Answer #3

go back to sleep citizen. Your government is in control. ;)

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Answer #5

The technology has existed for years now, companies like Verisign, RSA and others have enhanced their technology for years. It is far from perfect but it is a very good start. The American government should know better than to re-invent the wheel. Here (I’m Dutch) banks have extensively improved online-banking. That technology is far better than the simple login-passwd that some banks in other countries use.

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