Why does the government lie to us?

Why they also hiding things like aliens & ufos. I know that sounds silly. I take intrest in politics anything 2 do with it. So why do they lie & lie about ufos and aliens? I dont know why.

Answer #1

lol not to laugh but..do YOU have TANGIBLE proof of these things? Unless you can say “yes”, then how do you know they’re lying to us?

Not to mention if there WERE aliens, they’d likely be more technologically advanced then us, therefore make their own presence known. The government has no choice.

I’m REALLY interested to see your proof that this stuff is true AND that the are lying. Do you have access to classified information that we don’t?

Answer #2

Well what makes you think? I have friends and their parents are in the military & marines and stuff like that. If the government told us half the things that we dont know wed be scared 2 death.

Answer #3

Well, in the 50s, they actually admitted to there being UFOs in US air space. People wouldn’t believe them. Reverse psychology.

Really and truly, if there has been contact with intelligent life forms, it wouldn’t be smart to announce it to the world. Cycles of curiosity, fear, and panic would ensue(human nature), plus then you would have every other country in the world trying to contact these guys, get on their good side, and trying to reverse engineer their tech.

But this is purely hypothetical. I am neither admitting or denying the possibility.

As for other stuff, it’s not necessarily so much lying as bending the truth or leaving a lot of details out. Though sometimes we are blatantly lied to; sometimes for the protection of the public, sometimes to save some politician’s or general’s rear end.

Answer #4

maybe thats why, it would cause commotion.

Answer #5

The government may well lie at times because of national security, or maybe because it did something really stupid and doesn’t want to admit it —- but aliens??

Think about how huge the solar system, or the galaxy, or the universe is. Think about how advanced a civilization would have to be to cross that distance. Why do anal probes and abductions on their equivalent of moronic hicks and hayseeds?

Considering how (literally) unimaginatively VAST space is, what would ever bring them here? Why come to the Earth? From OUR perspective of course there is nothing more important than our planet. But from their perspective Earth is smaller than a single grain of sand lost among all the grains of sand in the world.

Answer #6

Well with like what you said if UFO’s and Aliens and all of that does exists then don’t you think the actual knowledge of this would cause some pretty widespread fear among human beings. If the government were to have the knowledge of such things it would probably be in their best interest to keep it a secret. Why? Well because people are comfortably ignorant and if they knew something as wild as that especially if the government has physical evidence then a lot of people would go ape sh*t. I mean things happen that the general population would freak out about if they actually knew the truth, and it’s usually just in the best interest of the government to keep their mouths shut. It’s not really that they are lying, they just aren’t spilling the beans so to say. I mean area 51 “doesn’t exists” according to any government official in our country but everyone knows it’s there, or with nuclear power plants it’s illegal to take pictures of any nuclear power plant in the United States or to go on the property without authorized permission. And same reason for that they don’t want information about their secrets being leaked. They don’t want potential enemies to know what’s going on. And in order to do so they sometimes have to keep that information from us. Now I’m sure the government has some pretty dirty secrets but seriously we’re probably better off not knowing. Because if we did they’d probably pull a Men In Black and flash us with one of those little memory erasing pens and personally I don’t want any part in that, or worse they might stick a probe up our butt to make sure we don’t talk either way knowing the governments secrets probably isn’t any good for your health.

Answer #7

I think you have been watching too many crime investigation TV shows.

Answer #8

Because they can…and therefore they do. I really don’t think they care that we know they’re lying, either….

There’s a small possibility that politicians don’t know the difference between fact and fiction (their entire existance happens right in that little bubble called Wash. DC.), so they do a lot of talking out their butts, as if THEIR world is everybody’s world…

Answer #9

Watch V sometime.

Answer #10

To the original poster: Watch V sometime. Any “aliens” out there will be more intelligent and technologically advanced. We wouldn’t hide them – they’d announce themselves — and eventually eradicate us.

Answer #11

Government must lie in order to validate its existence.

Answer #12

lol… Honest and Politicians must be mutually exclusive huh? x)

Answer #13

That seems to be the trend… the most honest ones are usually the ones seeking to limit their own power.

Answer #14

I’m still trying to figure out corruption… Doesn’t make sense to me…

Answer #15

Oh and can you send me your thoughts on how corruption went about, I’ll be getting some snooze right now :)

Answer #16

Well… government tends to be corrupted by its very nature. Before city-states began to take shape… tribal chieftains maintained rule by their might… tyrannically ruling… or by offering some unique service… like protection from hostile neighboring tribes. In either case… the chieftain would need to enlist the help of potential rivals who would become his enforcers. The chieftain maintained his autonomy through his ability to keep his entourage happy. Together they could prevent any outside rival from usurping power… and if they were comfortable enough… they wouldn’t challenge the chieftain themselves. So corruption has its basis in the perpetual maintenance of autonomy. David Rockefellar espoused the same sentiment when he noted that competition is a sin… he meant free market competition… and the risk established power took by allowing all people to compete. It plays out today a little more surreptitiously… the chieftains are the established monied interests… the enforcers are government… the rest of us are the potential rivals who must necessarily be kept at bay… either by means of complicity in the corruption or by being subjected to the lot of people under the auspices of governance. The enforcers… or government is paid by the established monied interest to pass legislation that helps them to maintain their hegemony. If people become unenamored with the policies of the enforcers and begin to question their relevancy… the enforcers can begin to provide necessary services for some of the general population. They can also validate their existence by showcasing what they were originally intended to do… protecting the general population from hostile outsiders… this means offensive war… as an attack from a hostile neighbor would be far too random to serve the purposes of justifying the existence of the government. This is why war seems to be a never ending phenomena… and the reason why war… cold or hot… or conflict has been a constant in this country since the rise of the nuevo riche establishment at the beginning of the last century. This is also the impetus for our government to use Diocletian’s example and trick the populace into war by staging false flag attacks.
This is the formula for our government now… corruption is part and parcel. Anarchy and Nihilism aren’t workable alternatives… America’s anti-federalist founders tried to limit the power of government in order to prevent the level of corruption inherent when big government colludes with big money… and rely instead on the spirit of individualism to counter big money’s machinations. Unfortunately they overestimated the mettle of the common people to educate themselves on the principles of such a system.

Answer #17

where are you from

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