What do you think about freedom of speech in the US?

The Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of Speech. However, we do not get freedom from the consequences of that speech

People say that we do not have freedom of speech, because people get in trouble for certain things they say…like slandering.

Answer #1

As Eminem once said “The FCC won’t let me be, or let me be me so let me see, they tried to shut me down on MTV, but it feels so empty without me.” And that’s a good way of putting it haha in rap form, the government like you said under the constitution must allow us to say what we want to say, but they still try to slide past the rules to filter out what they don’t want to hear through different organizations that really demean the crap out of the constitution, but the government and politicians don’t really give a crap about the constitution as long as they get their way. Sad, but true.

Answer #2

There’s freedom of speech… But you also aren’t allowed to attack other people verbally. Most slander would be considered attack. So no, it’s not absolute freedom, but more than a lot of places have.

Answer #3

Well yes. There’s a right to carry arms too. That doesnt mean you can go around shooting whomever you want. Having rights doesnt abdicate you from responsibility. Also, public opinion is public opinion. You can scream, shout and stomp your foot all you want, saying stupid things on the air (Dr Laura, Helen Thomas, etc), is going to get you in trouble. Whether you have a right to say it or not.

Answer #4

Haha, great quote, love that song! :p

Answer #5


Answer #6

love that quote as well & awesome song! :P

Answer #7

The first amendment is the fundamental civil liberty… upon which all other freedoms are safeguarded from erosion. No riddle why it is the first listed in the Bill of Rights.

The free flow of information and ideas is paramount in ensuring our collective best interests are being pursued. It should never be taken for granted or treated with a devil may care observance.

Lately we have given a pass to the media… government… corporations when they have knowingly suppressed the truth or flat out lied to us. We think a priori truths can be second guessed when social stigmata weigh in. We have given those entrusted with our information outlets free rein to use information as propaganda… because we have become reckless in our reverence for the freedom of speech.

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