What do you think of the US government's new emergency guidelines for the coming "Zombie Apocalypse" (See description)?

You can find them at the Center for Disease Control website, here:


Do you think the official recommendations are enough to ward off the flesh-eating monsters? Or do we need a new Ghost Guard to protect us? What if the zombies claim their 2nd-Amendment right to bare arms (yours and mine)!

Answer #1

umm glad they’re supposedly prepared….maybe more for zombie attacks than they are for floods hopefully, if not we’re screwed lol.

Answer #2

Thanks that was an awesome article to read…I really enjoyed it.
Can I say it may or may not happen…not a chance…anything can happen if the government wants it to happen. Have they not ever released any viruses in the past to kill off some town somewhere? Who knows?! Maybe some ghost towns are like that because of some outbreak…I just know that if they want to stop any sort of virus, they could do so…if they would want to use it on people, no preparation would help against it…I just hope for their sakes…if & when they do happen to do it…that they can live with themselves for committing acts of genocide…Lets hope they dont unleash such a thing like that. Then again, we live in a crazy sick twisted world…T3rr0r does exist…all around this world…you never know who can be sick enough to unleash such a thing…:(

Answer #3

Wow, very interesting. I would not be surprised if some kind of virus took over the world. With so many new unknown things coming out all the time. An outbreak could occur where they wouldn’t know how to cure it and could spread rapidly.

Answer #4

They forgot to put breath filter masks into the survival kit. Every swine flu survival kit has breath filter masks. What if the zombie virus comes by airborne infection?

They also forget to give good advise about how to fend of an attacking zombie. I mean, collect your family at the mailbox and hope for help??? What if zombies roam the street? Would you want your kids to wait at the mailbox and be eaten by the zombie? No. We need a safe room where we can lock ourselves in.

I should also expect that one is safer with clothes of zombie-bite proof material in the survival kit. They did not write anything about the strength of a zombie bite. Will thick leather do the job? Or maybe Kevlar? Or steel chain mail armor? And do we need gloves and a motorcycle helmet?

This article is dissatisfactory. There is nothing in it that common sense will not tell us anyways. And some of the advise may be counterproductive, too.

It is, of course, a good article to prepare us for more common disasters. ;-)

Answer #5

gosh i didn’t know about that..i am suspicious what came across the government mind? when theirs something like that its giving us a sign…heads up..whats next aliens..

Answer #6

Interesting combination, Susan, of faith in the U.S. government’s ominpotence but cynicism about their basic decency. I don’t at all think they can make anything they want happen - neither to defend against any virus, nor to control the spread of one that they might unleash themselves as a biological weapon. Nor are they so clever as to keep their real acts of genocide (mostly in war) secret for more than a few decades. Nor, I’m fairly confident, can they create a horde of zombies - or of orcs, for that matter - to do their dirty work.

Answer #7

When it comes to zombies, I’m a traditionalist. I’m going to clothe myself in rotten muck from our compost heap, which I figure they’ll want to avoid because it smells like the graves I firmly believe they arose from. And I’m going to pick out the 5 biggest, toughest zombies to tame and train as bodyguards, by feeding them from the stash of frozen brains we keep in the cellar for that purpose (never mind where we got them). Finally, I’m going to offer shelter to one or two of our most creative FA members in exchange for their making us a couple of those very persuasive zombie get-ups like they’re wearing in some of their pics, to throw the real zombies off our track. Any volunteers?

Answer #8

Sorry to get pedestrian on y’all, but just in case it’s not clear to anyone, what’s really going on here is that CDC is cleverly using the whole zombie craze as a way to get more people to read their general emergency-preparedness guidelines. {;^P

Answer #9

I don’t think I’m interested. I guess that the zombie apocalypse will hit the USA only (zombie movies never mention Europe or even Canada…) So I guess I am quite safe here. If they still manage to walk across the ground of the Atlantic ocean, We’ll send our Chancellor Ms. Merkel to defend us. http://funadvice.com/r/153n4gk308o Zombies will be scared to un-death and flee back into the ocean when they see THAT. http://funadvice.com/r/153n4gkf2o6

Answer #10

I thought that was obvious!?!

Answer #11

i surely hope so but ya never know lol

Answer #12

About the frozen brains… I know where they come from. In my country, people who join some of our political parties obviously have to give up theirs before they get a membership. It’s probably the same in your place. You purchased them “hardly-ever-used” on ebay. Right?

Answer #13

Omg I’m staying home! (But now I understand why George Bush couldn’t keep his hands off.)

Answer #14

If they are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, this must mean that the government are planning something secret as i have researched: They have the technology and research to create a virus just like it, just like how they can deceive us with area 51 and its aliens. ALSO, Voodoo in the Caribbean is also known for strong herbs and ingredients that knock people into a deadness simulator for two days. They wake up after this in a zombie-like state (Poisoned in the brain, brained damaged) the witch doctor deceives its audience by doing this

Answer #15

This is the dumbest #%^& that I’ve NEVER heard of, and don’t care. If a zombie (if they exist) comes toward me, I’ll offer him a beer and conversation. If he don’t behave, he’s goin down for good.

Answer #16

Everybody’s a skeptic, lol

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