What does the shadow government think about alligators?

I know that the shadow gov’t are after the alligators, but how come they don’t already have all of them in captivity? You’d think that with the powerful power of conspiraciness they’d already have that step done. Furthermore, where are they going to sell all of the shoes, belts, and purses? Are the belts going to be evil? What are we supposed to do with evil belts? Please answer.

Answer #1

They think alligators are actually a prehistoric race from planet Varuna who have been laying fairly dormant until they receive the word from home that it’s time to eradicate Earth so they can flee their own dying planet. They discourage everyone from purchasing any “alligator-skin” products and encourage people to dispose of any alligator-skinned items in their home. New studies have shown that the skins can give off a toxic vapour even long after they have been shaped into a purse.

Answer #2

i feel bad for the alligators and the people that think there evil

Answer #3

True. From what I hear, crocodiles are the true reptilian antichrists. Alligators just have a bad rap.

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