Who else thinks that the religion shouldnt be able to affect government?

I feel that most of the laws and government are manipulated with christianity, and personally i dont feel that its right, as of someone being able to take how they personally feel and affect the country. Mostly with the excuse as of why gay marriage isnt legal, because religion is the only excuse they can find. But what about those that arent Christian or any certain religion, why cant they do what they feel that ( i know that than everyone would be sayin their not christian than) but you know what i mean.

Answer #1

I do! Unfortunately, I don’t think this will ever happen.

Answer #2

America at this point is just idk when it comes to certain things.

Answer #3

Our government is very secular. It works well. Keeps most people happy, aside from the crazy extremists.

Answer #4

i do

Answer #5

religion is government and allways has been (i’m not religious just stating historical fact)

Answer #6

it shouldn’t! religion has pratically taken over and like to be honest nobody has an opinion anymore and like religion fanatism has taken over and I do not agree with the honour killings sorry if that offends anyone but like i dont believe we should be able to take someone else’s life like that! and the government cant do anything bout it cuz of religion!!! WORLD PEACE!!! xxx

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