Do you think this 911 operator should be fired (read description)?

A girl’s father had a seizure and the girl called 911, she was understandably upset and panicked and swore, resulting in the 911 operator delaying any help from getting to her father, and actually arresting the girl when she then went to the station to get help. You can watch the video here

And tell me who you think was in the wrong. I’m interested to see your comments guys…..

Answer #1

should he be fired? more like sued or arressted..

Answer #2

Just read your description, did not watch the video.

The operator should be fired. But the operator should also be locked up. That is endangerment of someones life.

Answer #3

I think somthing similar happened here where an ambuance driver refused to go out on an emergency call because he was on his break, the patient ended up dead because of it. But he was allowed to keep his job. I don’t think it was right, he should have been fired and a proper investigation should have been completed going into the incident. When people’s lives are at risk then those who can should always provide help no matter what the situation.

Answer #4

Screw fired, arrested or sued this guy should be taken out and shot! Not only did he hang up on this frantic girl and risk her fathers life, he cussed her out, got her arrested and spewed a bull story.

Answer #5

Damn that dude was stupid! The girl was in a panic cuz she was really worried for her father’s condition. When he took the job, he should expect to deal with all types of people. when we’re scared and in an emergency we don’t know what to do anymore or what to say. WE JUST NEED HELP. SHE NEEDED HELP, dude!

Answer #6

She could of just called back and got a new operated.

Answer #7

and these are the people we are supposed to put our lives in their hands when we need them the most…apparently there are even more idiots in the police force then i thought

Answer #8

Oh my goodness.. If that’s the kind of ‘professional’ the community has to look towards for help and support in emergencies, they’re seriously going to be in trouble. I can’t believe he reacted the way he did. As an emergency official he should be expecting people to call the services upset, he shouldn’t be hanging up on them or insulting them. And when they come to the station for help, he shouldn’t be arresting them either. All I can say when I watch that clip is “what the hell??”. I’m just at shock.

He should permanently be relieved from his duties as a whole. If he can’t maintain professionalism and actually enforce rules that exist, he doesn’t need to be in that line of work. I also would sue him. The amount of emotional distress he put on that girl must have been insane. Who does that?

I’m mind blown.

Answer #9

DEFINETLY FIRED . and that girl and her father should sue him . His job is to get them help no matter what , and not deny it . He could be arrested , but that depends on where he is . Also , if the father died or suffered in anyway , and had a very expensive hospital because of the actions of the 911 operator , he should have to pay for it . I think hes quite ignorant to do that .

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