Should you put eyeliner on bottom lid?

if you put eyeliner on your bottom lid, does that make your eye look bigger or smaller?? or does that happen when it’s on the upper lid?? I already have big eyes but for some reason I want to make them bigger :)

Answer #1

They look really nice when you put your eyeliner in both lids. It’ll make em look bigger. I love making my eyes look big lol. You should put a lot of eyeliner on the top lid and a little on the bottom and a lot on the corners. If you put too much, your eyes would look smaller.

Hope I helped.

Answer #2

put liner on the top and put it halfway on the bottom like from the outer corner to the middle eye shoud work!

Answer #3

if you want to make them bigger put it on the top lip and on the outter corners!!

this will make your eyes look amazing!

Answer #4

Like the others said, Eyeliner on top and on the corners. but also the color of your eyeliner affects the size they appear. if you are looking for a really big eye Charcol black is a good one. if you are looking for a more suddle eye you would match the color of your eyes. C:

Answer #5

use black eye liner

Answer #6

they top won’t make it look any different, just darker. but if you put it on the bottom lid, it makes it look smaller, if you put it right under the bottom lid, it’ll make it look bigger. Hope this helps! <333 :)

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