How to put eyeliner on bottom lid?

I know how to put eyeliner on the upper lid but how do you put it on the bottom lid perfectly?? The people who I’ve seen where it perfectly like this, it looks like they smeared it so its looks like a shadow. It looks awesome!!!

Answer #1

what are you talking about mandyloo?? I’m not rating everything zero it just does that.

Answer #2

what I do is I pullmy bottem part downand I run the eyeliner at the edge of my eyelid to keep it from wearing off you can also put it on the top of the eyelid under neathe to renew it another amazeing tuch is to put it on you top part of your eyelid to se the color line

Answer #3

Grow up, if you ask advice and people give it too you, then why are rating everything a zero. Get a new hobby. If you dont want advice, dont ask for it.

Answer #4

Pull down underneth your eye so that the bottom of your lid is exposed more and is strectched. It makes is easier to apply

If your using stick eyeliner - apply it, and then you can smudge it with the tool that most of them have on the opposite side. It’s made just for that. Also, make sure it is right under your lash line and on top of it. It makes it look more even.

If your using liquid eyeliner - DO NOT try and smudge it. It will turn our horrible. Just apply it, if you want the smudged look, add some pencil eyeliner above you lash line.

Also, a lot of times the girls that eyeliner looks like shadow, is exactly that. They may apply eyeliner on their eyes and then use a black eyeshadow to create a smudged effect.

Answer #5

well I wear liquid eyeliner and it took a while for me to figure it out…u just put it on and then if it uneven or to thick then you just get a clothe and fix it till its what you want but dont use your finger or a napkin because you have to wet the clothe and napkins get to wet and your finger will mess it up. to get the smudged affect you just add sum blakc or gray shadow

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