How to draw eyeliner on the top lid?

K , so I can put eyeliner on the bottom but I cant on the top. Like I always end up poking myself which makes my eyes water, which ruins everything I have done lol. So do ya know any tips for applying eyeliner on top. I need help!!!

Answer #1

it takes a lot of practice but soon, itll just come naturally .

  1. close your eye .

  2. hold the eyelid taut with your index and middle finger .

  3. if you want precision, I suggest you use a liquid eyeliner . the brush is really thin and can draw detailed, fine lines . also, it glides on much easier than the pencil .

Answer #2

Just make a line above your lashes. Mine is always very messy and too thick so I take a Q-tip and make it slimmer and more even. You can do this on the bottom lashes too. Just remember, when you put liner on the bottom lashes, go under the lash line. Not on the rim of your eye lid closest to your eye. Sam

Answer #3

Its Really Not That Hard I Just Close My Eye And Draw A Line And It Comes Out The More You Practice The Better You Get Cause At First I Couldnt Do It At All

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