How to make my eyes look smaller with eyeliner?

I have big eyes with long very curly eyelashes and I want to know how should I put on eyeliner to make my eyes look smaller…should I line the top lids only or both top and bottom lids??

Answer #1

I have big eyes too! Eyeliner makes your eyes stand out more. If you want to make them look smaller, experiment with different shades of eyeshadow. Don’t be ashamed of having big eyes, most people love big eyes.

Answer #2

Well Can I just say I have small eyes && I would love to have big eyes. But if yuu want them smaller then put it on the top & bottom & put it on quite dark.

hope I helped

it also depends on what sort of person yu are e.g emo/ girlie girl/ that sort of thing

Answer #3

sorry the only way to make your eyes look smaller is by using natural eyeshadow colors

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