Can you use pencil eyeliner on the top lid?

Can you use pencil eyeliner on the top lid? My friend said you have to use liquid eyeliner. I only do bottom but I wanted to know if it worked so I can do that.

Allsooo; if you can. How would youu do it so its noticeable.

Answer #1

Of course you can - pencil is always better than liquid anyway.

Makeup isn’t supposed to be extremely noticeable.

It’s just supposed to enhance your features (in this case your eyes).

Eyeliner is supposed to go on your top lids, more than your bottom lids.

Answer #2

ya you can I use pencil eyeliner on my top lids all the time

Answer #3

Yeah course you can =) I dont do it because im trying to not put that much makeup on atm but on the weekend or on a holiday when you have a free day or nothing to do then just try it out :) people will notice it a bit more if you put your eyeliner like inside of your eyelid. haha sounds gay but true. likepull the top of your eyelid and do it right below your lashes =)

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