What is the best method for putting on eyeliner?

my mom is barely on the virge of letting me wear black eyeliner under my eyes…however, the better I put it on and the prettier it looks, the more likely she is to let me wear it. it has to be just a thin line and I have light blue eyes if that matters…can anyone just tell me exactly the best and prettiest methods of wearing it? thanks! :)

Answer #1

these are good tips but I want to add that you should never hold your eyelid or apertures taunt as it will create premature wrinkles and lines/

xox Sika

Answer #2

Try using a brown liquid eyeliner instead of black, the color looks less heavy and more natural and it really complements light blue eyes. Also put it above you bottom eyelashes on the inside part that sits next to your eye rather then below you bottom eyelashes. If you do this it helps keep the line nice and this and natural.

Answer #3

for a thin line dont put it on the skin with the eyelash is. pull your eyelid down ( for bottom ) when you get that platform. I like to use liquid eyeline thats water proof.

Answer #4

Hmm… make sure not to go tooo dark, or it will look a bit heavy and strange. I would suggest using the kind that you can twist up, as opposed to a pencil. It works much better for me. What I do is line the waterline, and a little under my lashline. It makes the line bolder, without drawing it too low and thick. To make it look less goth, use a light shade of eyeshadow on your top lid, and a little on the bottom.

Good luck,

Rebecca :))

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