Is it safe to put my eyeliner here?

When I put eyeliner on I pull out my lower and upper eyelids and put the eyeliner on that part… you know like before where your eyelashes are? If anyone understands that, I would like to know if its safe to put it there.. it’s not going to give me eye problems or anything is it? I’ve been doing it for a while and it looks good just wondering… thanks! ^-^

Answer #1

lol no it wont…but i dont usually put it on my top lids in the place where i put it on the bottom…lol dont worry…its kool… =]

Answer #2

Dear strychnine, If you have sensitive eyes or allergies it can be a problem or if you slip…ouch. If you place the eyeliner where it typically goes it will give the illusion of bigger eyes what it was intended for in the first place. Here’s something you may want to try…just put eyeliner on the upper eye and mascara nothing on the bottom at all…gives a very nice look for some. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

Woo thanks all :D

Answer #4

I used to always wear it there. Didn’t do anything to me =)

Answer #5

…isn’t that where its SUPPOSED to go?

Answer #6

no it won’t. i do it too. :]

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