How can I become a famous fashion designer?

I am 13 and have wished alwyas to become a famous fashion designer.I want to design my own brand of clothes, makeup, shoes and bags. what do I have to pass in school to get this job and how do I get there.

Answer #1

helo whoevr you are I thnk you are tooo young to thnk al of dis nw im sure you stil hvnt done your o-levels 1st you hve to do al dis and obviously take arts in o-levels. thn you cn thnk abt it.thn go to a famous unversty which you noe usually focuses on fashion I hpe you like it

Answer #2

dont dream it! be it!. look up different sites on fashion design and any places like that in your area. take sewing classes in school, if they have them that is. start at home and work your way up. enter in contests. advertize in news papers. do what ever it takes.

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