What are some jobs you could get if you went into fashion design?

What are the top schools to go for? The only school I know of atm is the College of Visual Arts (Mn), ‘cause I only recently started thinking about this.

Answer #1

that would depend on what you are really passionate about… being a seem stress, cutter or just a designer! Any fashion magazine would hire!

As for schools I would say try googling it in or around your area…unless you are willing to move to another state like NYC (best fashion design schools ever!) Then again if you can afford it perhaps another country like Italy or France

It really mostly depends on how serious/passionate & if you can afford all that!

I wish you luck & a lot of success. hope this helped ♥

Answer #2

Aww thank you :D But I was searching out the College of Visual Arts in mn, and I guess they have a fashion design program that sends you to France in Junior year! But I’ve never thought about looking in New York for one :) That’s a very helpful idea and I’ll give you a “like” for it :) Thanks again!

Answer #3

LOL, no prob hun..♥

I used to live in NY so its a natural instinct especially since my parents were in the garment industry…they had a factory in downtown Broadway Manhattan(aka the garment district!)

thanks by the way!

Answer #4

Well there are lots of jobs I’m sure you could get into if you had a degree in fashion design: From knitwear design to footwear design. Have you’ve heard of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA? They have an awesome fashion design program that the school is known for and many famous fashion designers graduated from FIDM! My friends graduated from FIDM and both have successful careers in the fashion industry. The school offers many programs that cater to the fashion industry and are all detailed on their website. I would check out the school’s website for more information. Good Luck!

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