Where do I start to become a lingerie designer?

My dream is to be a fashion designer, but just lately I have been looking at a lot of lingerie designers and have become really interested in starting my own style of lingerie, obviously I cant really do much now because I am only 16 but the earlia people start these things the more they usually achieve and end up reaching their dream. I just dont no where to start, if someone could give me some tips on where to start I would be very grateful, thanks x

Answer #1

If you take the right classes at school, and do extra things (like see if there is sewing classes or fashion design classes, or art classes somewhere after school/weekends) then you will be on the right track. Make sure you start a portfolio of drawings of your best designs. You could add materials too and even try making them.

When you are at the mall and see lingerie, look at them and think to yourself ‘’what did the designer do to get that look’’ and ‘’what materials have they used and how have they put them together’’

At the start of your career, you will need to make your own designs. Then as you get more well known, somebody will pick up on the fact that you are a good designer, and employ you to design- where a machine will make your designs.

You need to get really good as sewing and making patterns. Practice makes perfect!

In your designs, you should have a selection of (approximately) 2 normal/average designs just for normal people, 3 sexy designs, 3 completely original designs- something you have never seen in shops, this can be hard, but if you research other designs that will help. and 2 strange designs that people will remember.

Designing fashion is a big, big industry and you don’t want to fit into the crowd, you want to stand out. So you want designs that people will remember. Your designs should be a bit quirky, a bit out of the ordinary.

Answer #2

Well take some sewing classes if you dont already know how and start making your own. Create your own website and maybe even try selling them?

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