Too young to fashion design?

Hello!! I was just wondering, do you think that 11 is too young to already be dead set on your career choice?? PS- I know this is what I’m going to do when I get older.

Answer #1

It’s great that you are so interested, however, things WILL change. So, be very flexible. What you do for a career might be completely different than what you think you want now. Don’t be dissapointed, and don’t push yourself further than you want to go.

OH… and don’t grow up to fast.

Answer #2

no I dont think that it is too young. I have wanted to become a police officer ever since I was in kindergarden so you are never to young just work towards it and you will succeed

Answer #3

It’s great to discover talent when your young! You should pursue whatever you enjoy, although you should save some room for other possible minors for when your in college. You should start submitting your designs to small companies, and who could become something very soon. :)

Answer #4

No - you can go for it so long as you don’t accidentally narrow your choices too much. Remember that as a fashion designer you’ll still need the normal qualifications like English, Maths, maybe a science and another language (probably French or Italian for fashion?) That way, you can go all out for your goal but your parents and teachers will still be confident that you’re getting a good all-round education. Best of luck.

Answer #5

Actually, I’m 13, so yeah, is it too young???

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