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How to be a fashion designer and make clothes?

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Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved fashion. Whether it was dressing up my dolls to wanting to be a model (which I would really love to do) I always knew that I would like to go into a career involved the fashion industry. I mean I do have a backup plan of another career as I would also like to be a lawyer (im doing law, history, english and pshcology at a-level next year) but incase I change my mind I need to have a plan b. I do a btec diploma in art and design and am working at a merit grade which im hoping to improve to a distintion. Can anyone give me any advice of how to start designing your own clothes? I will admit, im not the best at sewing and I cant knit to save my life but when it comes to the drawing side of it, im really interested. What is the next step? :) x