How do you become famous?

How do you become famouse? Do you have to find a manajor? Because I want to do something along the lines of acting, hoefully singing. Everyone says that I am better then most famouse singers, and that I should become famouse. I am 15 and have sang solo’s at many concerts, my church, and the voulenteer center I go to.

Answer #1

before you do anything make sure you can spell those important words then yeah, drama classes are one way to build up you “skills” then its a matter of getting out there and getting noticed

Answer #2

since you want to become a musician… thats the kind of thing that works itself out if you want to save money DO NOT get a record company or use advertisers in the future as far as distribution goes…everything is internet operated these days (I.e:youtube,I-tunes,myspace…)

record some stuff,put it all over the internet and get advertising (shameless plugs,dj’s that play local stuff,etc.)

at least thats how you get cred… lol

best of luck! :)

Answer #3

go to a drama or singing class where agents go to regularly and when they are there try your best to impress

Answer #4

I want ot be a singe and actor tooo!

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