How to be a fashion designer?

How do I become a fashion desiner when I grow up to be a very famouse person with a lot of money

Answer #1

Also, you will want to get a lot of practice, to be a fashion designer you need to be really dedicated, and if you want to make a lot of money then you are going to have to devote a lot of time.

Learn how to sew, take home economy classes in school or find other community courses, or try learning from home.

You’ll be making your own patterns, you’ll need to be good at drawing too, have a good idea of human anatomy.

First, get a sewing machine that’s good enough, a serger is expensive, but also needed. Get scraps of material and fool around with it all.

Answer #2

First, you should find the career counselor at your school or another school that has one. Every school should have a career counselor, at least they do in Canada.

Second, tell them about your interest in fashion design and ask them if they have any other information for you.

Third, you can probably find something to do in this field without pay that will also help you build up your credits for graduation, ask them to search for you, that is their job.

Fourthly, if there is no career counselor, or if they are no help, just try to search the internet for fashion design schools in your area/close enough and read about it on their websites.

Good luck!

Answer #3

Step one. Learn how to sew. And be creative!

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