Do you think that if we ever discovered intelligent life on other planets and we made contact, would the world be forced into one giant government?

I was watching Star Wars and i saw the meeting of all the senators from the galaxy. It was like, one per planet. And i thought if we in America send 2 from our STATE to congress, then what would happen if the universe really opened up to us? What if there is this whole galactic alliance out there that in order for our planet to survive, we must become a part of? Do all the Earth beings unite and instead of having a nationality have a… planetality? (sp?) Do we make one central government for the 6,865,942,377 people on earth? Would that even be a good idea???? sorry weird question huh?

Answer #1

Would be interesting. Although probably not. :\

Answer #2

It all depends on the other intelligent life, doesn’t it? They either would want nothing to do with us, would want help from us, or would want to suppress us in some way, since we’re just the kind of being that likes killing off other kinds of beings. There’s a chance of the world uniting against them, and then again, there’s a bigger chance of us fighting over what to do with the situation, separating further, and all perishing in a long, terrible period of horror. I think that there are far too many views and disagreements in our world for us to possibly pick one representative. We’d need a few to get all the bases covered, because our people can’t seem to agree on anything. Even if we were to somehow find a way to unite everyone under one government, we’d most likely end up with revolts and revolutions up the hooha.

Answer #3

lol, our government would hide everything….liek usual

Answer #4

Our government can’t tell us everything. There are important things that have to be kept closed from the public for our own safety. If we were to plan an attack on a certain country, it would know as soon as our government announced it to the public. It would be public information. Public means for everyone. I know it’s a sad way to look at it, we shouldn’t be attacking anyone for any reason at this point, but that’s the blunt of it.

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