What is the universe? Why are we here?

This is something I find facinating. The universe.. I want to know, what is the universe? Why are we here? is their other life out their? Are their parallel universes and other dimentions? I would love to know everyones opionion.

I personally think its possibly one of those things we will never know. Maybe it shud be kept that way. I think if we truely knew the facts about the universe and the purpose of life. We would be very frightened? Does any one agree?

I also believe theirs other life out their, their has to be like 4real the universe is sooo big beyond our ability to comprehend, its highly unlikely we are the only existance.. If I am right.. Do you think if not in our life time, 1 day we will contact anything that could be there..

Whats everyones thoughts??

Answer #1

well were here to reproduce, to keep up the survival of out species and humans being (usually) smareter than animals out other reason is to live life to do what you love and make the most of it, ect yes, I beleive theres life out there billions of planets cant be empty the universe isnt full of billions of planets and only put life on one of them life has already been proved on mars and there life everywere, weather it be gigantic, or miscroscopic and un-noticable to the human eye…its still there I think in a few more centuries when humans destroy out world and start moving to another planet, if they get the chance, will sometime see other forms of life we havent even discovered ebverything on our own planet yet… and billions of othert planets are full of life, just not the kind of thing were used to or would expect

Answer #2

No there are no other planets like earth, maybe other creatures but not human… I lived in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years and I found out that they have all these answers in “Quran” I just took some answers from some people there… they say we’re here to make the world a better place, and them, they have to pray and stuff and they say that in the end good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell… that’s what I got from them… we’re supposed to learn and teach, we’re supposed to live our life to its fullest, we shouldn’t waste time on stupid stuff… if you have other questions like these, Fun Mail Me, and I will ask some friends for you, you’ll never know maybe muslims have some answers that we want to know!! that’s why having muslim friends is good sometimes :) :P

Answer #3

I don’t think “why are we here” is a valid question, because it presupposes some kind of purpose to what appears to simply exist without purpose.

Is there life elsewhere? I would guess that the universe is probably filled with primitive life, but that complex life is relatively rare, that intelligent life that much more unique, and that space capable intelligent life extremely rare.

I would not be at all surpised to find that we are the only space capable intelligent species in our galaxy supercluster.

Answer #4

I think te universe is just expanding more and more and more. I think there is probably another planet like earth with people living on it because I mean the universe is so huse there just has to be another planet like ours.

Answer #5

our prophet mohammed said that there is another people living on another planets but it is very far from earth and since our prophet said that I think it is true

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