Do you think there is life on Europa?

Do you think there is life on Europa? If so what type of life, bacteria, fish, human, intelligent life, Kardashev type 1, 2, 3, civilization etc.

Answer #1

Europa may contain liquid water beneath its 100-mile thick ice layer. Vents on the bottom of the ocean warm the ice so that 60 miles of liquid could exist beneath the ice layer, perhaps capable of supporting microbes and simple plants.

Answer #2

Europa is the moon of Jupiter which has a 100 mile deep ocean. The ocean is made of liquid water. The top 40 miles of the ocean is frozen and the bottom 60 miles of the ocean is liquid water heated by geothermal vents.

Answer #3

Europa is a Moon that orbits Jupiter, and is one of a very few that have an atmosphere, in Eurpoa’s case a very thin oxygen atmosphere. It also has an ice surface, under which could be water as Europa is still “alive” with the occasional volcanic activity and geological event.

I would imagine any life on Europa would at least be (but also most likely) bacteria, or some sort of small fish at most. Other things are a possibility but very unlikely. Europa isn’t the only moon which could possibly support life - Titan, which orbits Neptune, would be a better candidate.

Answer #4

I think you are mistaken, Titan orbits Saturn not Neptune. Triton does orbit Neptune though.

Answer #5

Well, it has an atmosphere which Earth does, there is a big ocean under the pile of ice visible, there is also a thin layer of oxygen present in the surroundings. But since Europa is quite far (further than Earth) from the Sun, the temp. might be very cold, and so you need superhuman abilities to handle the freezing weather. Maybe in the future, with the limitations of current technology that scientists can devise a way to live on Europa.

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