What would happen if an unstoppable force hits an immovable object?

Well an unstoppable force is can not be stopped and an immovable object will not stagger nor fall..I am just asking what would happen if they suddenly collide,tell me what you think pls…xx to you all

Answer #1

An unstoppable force implies an infinate force. An Immovable object implies an infinate mass. Both of these require infinate energy, as infinate energy is unobtainable this situation can not arise.

Answer #2

It is one possible way of looking at it, at least. Hmm. It doesn’t answer what happens if it hits an immovable object, however.

Answer #3

There are some physicists who believe that the universe has a way of correcting itself to ensure paradoxes never take place. They might suggest that every time a situation arose in which these two forces MIGHT encounter each other, circumstances that seemed to us to be accidents or coincidences would arise to prevent it. There are a couple of maverick scientists who have suggested that this is why the Large Hadron Collider keeps malfunctioning whenever someone tries to turn it on, because if it ever operated successfully, the safety of the universe would be in danger.

Answer #4

The unstoppable force will simply pass through the immovable object to satisfy the conditions. The unstoppable force isn’t stopped, and the immovable object isn’t moved.

Answer #5

tashara you are the best I cant believe I didnt figure that out ,thanks for answering my question !xxooxxooxx

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