When do you think scientists will find a new planet ?

Kay well, thats not the question I was going to ask. I was going to ask if – Is there / or do you think ; there are planets out there, that scientists haven’t found yet ? I’m kindof curious to here other peoples opinon on this.. Sorry for the question title, but they wouldn’t let me use IS, for the first word xD

Answer #1

Of course there are planets that scientists haven’t found yet, but it’s not exactly rare or unusual to discover new ones, though it is still a little exciting. They find new ones all the time.

So far, 429 planets outside of our own solar system have been found, and 45 multi-planet systems other than our own. Most of these are gas giants, since due to their great size, they’re a little easier to spot, but we’re starting to find Earth-like worlds as well. Gliese 581 d occupies almost the same position in its solar system as we do, and is approximately the same size. And GJ 1214 b, discovered in 2009, is thought to be an ocean planet, composed of 75% water and only 25% rock.

The last planet found was discovered about two weeks ago, on January 13 2010, named HR 8799 c, a gas giant larger than Jupiter.

Answer #2

yes, there are trillions, if not more planets out there that science still hasnt discovered, and most likley never will

Answer #3

Yeah,duh!Lol!There are a lot of galaxies out there.I am sure there is at LEAST one out there.I am also sure there is life out there besides us!

Answer #4

Well buddy theres actually plenty of planets out there, more than you can think of. The thing is scientists are looking for planets in our solar system, so most of those other planets out there are pretty much out of the question. If you want you can try looking up how is it that scientist go about classifying a chunk of rock as a planet, I’m sure that will help =)

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