Did scientists finally discover another "earth"?

A solar system was found with at least five surroundings planets in a formation similar to our own. Do you think it’s possible that life exists on one of those planets?

Answer #1

I think the possibility of life on another planet is always there. So yes, I definitely think so. Do you have a link for the article related to this, should make an interesting read.

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There are billion of stars in our galaxy alone so it wouldn’t be surprising if there are other earth-like planets leaking around waiting to be discovered. I hope it will be a woman who discover a new planet earth and take the first step on the soil and leave her mark.

Answer #5

Not that I disagree I’m just wondering why you think that?

Answer #6

yupz..its called the blue moon..its a moon orbiting twin stars!…its amazing!..u can watch it on NG!=)

Answer #7

Technically there’s a possibility, but due to the extreme environments out there, I find it really hard to believe.

Answer #8

i wouldnt be suprised….i dont believe we are the only” life form “ in this solar system or any other ones…

Answer #9

Hmm, if there was another life form, I don’t think it would be as advanced as our planets. I mean, us being here is highly unprobable as is, we’re extreeeemely lucky. There might be some lower form of life, but I think I would doubt even that. In any case, we won’t be finding other humans.

Answer #10

Honestly, i believe there is life on other parts of this universe… i mean, the universe is infinite and is still growing, not to mention black holes that could lead to another universe. We cant be the ONLY ONES!

Answer #11

It’s possible that one of these planets could and does support life. However this planet is not the first planet discovered with an atmosphere, which can signify water.

Also something called the Drake Equation that calculates the possibility of other intelligent civilizations, which calculates atleast 20 000, possible civilization, and thats just intelligent ones.

Answer #12

Blackholes are not literally holes (especially to other universes), they are matter so dense and heavy, that their gravitational pull, pulls in everything, including light.

Answer #13

Sounds pretty darn cool, I hope they come out with more updates on this.

Answer #14

I’m disappointed I expected some religious nut to come on here and say “NO, our planet is the only one with life on it, just as God intended.” Or some crap like that. Come you nuts, poke your head and say something already.

Answer #15

talk about nuts…….

Answer #16

so in this universe only 20,000 possible intelligent civilizations estimated. i believe thats a horrible estimation. you might be thinking of our galaxy and some others. our galaxy contains 200-500 billion stars (estimated). now there are billions of galaxies out there. i think the estimation of drake is far off, but thats my opinion.

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