Can me and my brother recieve the back child support my father is paying to my mother when we no longer live with my mother and are both over the age of 18?

Answer #1

As far as I am aware, when you are over legal age you have no right to claim any child support from your parents.

Answer #2

I don’t think dad owes me and my mom like 30k worth of child support..I just turned 18 so now he doesn’t have to pay..

Answer #3

No…the child support money was never yours - it was money given to your mother to help raise you..even if you were not over 18, you still wouldn’t be entitled to it.

Answer #4

No, and what would make you think that is okay? Your adults now and living on your own, why should your father have to give you money? Thats absurd. Child support money also does not belong to the child, when back payments are made the children must still be minors and the payments are made to the guardian of the children to help support them. Hence the name “child support”.

Answer #5

When you turn 18 he no longer has to pay “Child” support, because you’re not a child anymore. All the money that he still owes and hasnt paid, either he doesnt have to pay it or it goes to your mother.

Answer #6

ok thank you. my mother is recieving the back child support he owes & is buying all kinds of things with it & says she cant get me & my brother birthday/christmas presents because she cant afford it…..i was just wondering if there was anyway i could get that money & just put it in a savings for me & my brother that we cant touch until we reach a certatin age or something

Answer #7

i have no idea who peed in your fruit loops but it was just a simple question. there was NO reason for you to be rude about it! & dont ever answer any of my questions if you are just gonna be rude

Answer #8

thanks for answering :)

Answer #9

its pretty crazy how it all works….seems like a pointless process if they are just gonna be able to wait 18 years & not have to worry about it anymore! thats about how much my dad owes us

Answer #10

ok Thanks for answering

Answer #11

^^ thats not true, if you are over 18 but attending college your parent will still pay child support. but idk what happens if you move out.

Answer #12

It depends on the country. Overhere you can claim if you are under legal age from your parents, but it isn’t easy.

Answer #13

But if you are under legal age you do have a right to claim (I know this works in my country) and overhere if you are living with one parent and a full time student you are allowed to claim child support from the other provided you are under 25. I think best in your scenario would be to maybe ask a laywer for advice.

Answer #14

She’s talking about ‘BACK’ child support. I.e support that the father should have paid when kid was underage but never did. And no. Your father was supposed to have given that to your mother to help raise you. Instead she did it on her own. Unless you want to pay your mother back for all the money she spent on you growing up, no. That money is not yours. And you are not entitled to presents. She fed and clothed you. That’s all she owed you.

Answer #15

The back child support is to reimburse her for money she already spent on you. Perhaps she had to take out loans or dip into her savings to support you back then. Or maybe she did without things so you could have what you needed. If the money had been given to her when it should have then this wouldn’t be an issue now. You have no legal or morale recourse here. Sorry.

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