Am I wrong to expect child support?

My child’s father is telling my that if I put child support on him, then he will not be a part of my son life. My son is 3 months and he is just seening him. I want him to have a part in his son life but money wise he saying he has enough on his plate. So am I right or wrong chances or I do put child support on him, he will never be a part of my son’s life .if I don’t then I guess I will be left with all the bills. HELP ME …

I was with this guy for 2 years, didn’t not know he had an 18 year old daughter til, now( pays child suppot) he also has 3 other kids(that he provides for and take care of)he is a really really great dad to them and I would like for my son( no child support)to grow up to know his sister and two brothers because they live around here, but me and his other baby mother don’t get alone so ?

Answer #1

nobody should tale care of their child alone . you are not wrong for wanting child support from you son’s father. get money from him then leave him and find someone that will love you and your child

Answer #2

I have a two year old daughter and was in a similiar situation. they guys, sometimes, get over it, but will stay mad for a while. you have to think about your child’s welfare and needs. can you support your baby on your own? the father has a legal responsibility to paying you child support and you have a right to receiving it. go get it and don’t worry about if he is mad. do it for you and your child. sometimes having no father, is better than having a very bad father. take care of yourself and your baby and go get child support, you didn’t make the baby on your own and if he can’t be with you to help you, you at least need help financially and you have every right to get the support from him. ask yourself this, would he file for support from you, if it were the other way around? the answer is yes probably. do it for your baby. not all women have to take the man for everything he is worth, but do get something, you deserve help and if he isn’t willing, the law will make him help you and your baby. please get the help you deserve and file for child support. I am glad I did, cause I need it badly. the father rarely sees his daughter. he moved 5 hours away and was mad at first that I filed for support, but then he eventually got over it. he has no other choice. it’s the law. do it.

Answer #3

Just go to court and take his @ss for child support oviously it sounds like hes just a dead beat dad just a sperm donator pretty much… if he dont want to see his kid fine thats his LOSS not anyone else find a guy that will treat you with respect and that will take care of your kid even though its not his.. fine someone new and dont worry about him… maybe after you do all this and after time passes he might want to see his kid.

Answer #4

If the creep is trying to scare you, what sort of Dad is he going to be? Worse than crappy!!! He is a bully! You may not get much from him, but a child brought up with no Dad has a better chance than one brought up with a BAD Dad.

Then get yourself on Birth Control. (Sorry if that is harsh, but why did you get together with him if he was already had 4 illegitimate kids? He’s a loser.)

Answer #5

YES!!! Shouldn’t you have thought about the fact that you can actually get pregnant if you sleep with the guy? You must have considered having kids with him - and take YOUR part of the responsibility!!! And why is he a creep just for getting you pregnant? Where were YOUR birth control??? You should grow up and act as a responsible parent and get a job!! From a mother!!

Answer #6

what a terrible father he is. if thats how he’s gunna be then he doesn’t love you or your son anyways! yes make him pay! what a complete AS$

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Answer #8

I agree with ganjamasta42 :)

leave his @ss and you are better off finding someone else to help ya out

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