Should I be OK with just the child support?

So I should be ok with just the child support, because he has a daugther that will turn 18 the month that he has never seen and has no intentions of seening all because, he mother put child support on him. And she is always trying to contact him through other people because his daughter really wants to know her father. Yes child support for 18 years but his daughter and the mother are very hurt by the action that took place, and that scares me, because I don’t want to have regerts, and the sad part is out of the five kids that he has, he doesn’t know his 18 year old daughter, then there is 3 other kids( no child support) that he takes care of, and the there is my son in which is new and this is hurting me more than anything.

Answer #1

well do you really want a boy that threatens to never see your son again because he’s cheap and can’t keep child support, to be in your son’s life? you need a MAN to help raise your son, not the coward who just happened to father him. your child is not going to end up like the 18 year old girl if he knows that his biological father is a loser. why would a smart kid want to even meet a guy like that, even if he IS his dad? just break off all contact with that bum and put some child support on his lazy a$$, he doesn’t deserve you, or your son.

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