Can I sue my dad for back child support

How do I go about sueing my father for back child support. He owe’s 82,531.73 in back child support.and my mom is paying to put my sister and I both threw college this year and thats really expensive because my sisters college alone is 36 grand a year.he has sent 50 dollars here and there when he feels like it .that back child support would help wonders because the court papers from 93 when he was making 23 grand a year say he needs to pay 750 a month plus pay health insurance and he has never done any of that now he makes 78 grand a year and .live with his brother who make 13.5 million dollars a year .and used my social security number to get his job so that he wouldnt be docked directly from his pay check for the back child support. Is there away to sue my uncle for a sum 0f 5 % because he helped my father get around paying his back child support?

Answer #1

Your mom would have to sue him. Legally child support is not allowed to go to the child it is to be used for the support of a child. That’s why your mother would have to do it.

Answer #2

well your mom would have to sue him.he cant get away with it.yall should have reported him earlier so he would have went to jail for not paying child support.but he does owe yall a lot of money.and yall can still get it after your mom have to get an attorney.and sue him for every penny he has.

Answer #3

Well from my experience if he don’t pay he goes to jail even if he has a court order. But to my understanding he cant pay after you turn 18 but he still has to if still stay in school. Just talk to an attorney

Answer #4

itd probably be up to your moms and do you or your sister have a job to help pay for stuff too?? or is your mother supporting you?

Answer #5

let’s see, some states may allow you to do that so you’ll have to check with your child support office in your state. Also you can get an attorney who is licensed in child support and family issues to assist you on what you can do as far as sueing.

Answer #6

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       I think it would be up to your mom to do. I’d suggest that you and/or she consult with an attorney (a civil attorney, not a criminal one).

Answer #7

36 grand a year? sounds like a private university or an out of state school… man im glad I go to a state university

Answer #8

Good luck getting the money. We live with my dad and my mom has not paid support for over 3 years. All she got for it the first time it went to court was 20 days in jail. They kept being so easy on her my dad finally gave up trying to get it.

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