How does my mother get cosudy at age 18?

How does my mother fight custudy of me at age 18 Tell me please what can she do

Answer #1

if your 18 your free. no one has costody over you.

Answer #2

At 18, I’d think that you get to choose who has primary custody. Since insurance, and child support can go all the way to age 22 (in Montana it can, anyway)…She probably just needs to get a lawyer to file the papers.


Answer #3

She doesn’t. It sounds like to me she is trying to lie to you. If your saying your mother is 18 and is fighting for you then just go by what everyone else does. Watch the local news until you find a good lawyer commercial then call in.

Answer #4

She doesnt? You’re an adult and no one has custody over you? (unless you’re in some way mentally or physically handicapped and unable to care for yourself)

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