child support

Im 18 and my father has never paid child support when he was supposed to. Someone had told me that I could take him to court for that money but I dont know how to go about it. Any one know?

Answer #1

Forget it, the money was due to your mother, not you! Leave it alone and move on.

Answer #2

I know that but can I take him to court for the 18 years he paid nothing?

Answer #3

I asked my mom about it and she said that she wouldnt be able to fight it now that im 18.

Answer #4

She’s right…now that you are 18, he doesn’t have to pay anymore.

Answer #5

She has many times

Answer #6

Then if he didn’t pay the money, the court should have been contacted and a sherrif would probably demand the money from him.

Answer #7

It would be your mother or primary carer who should have been receiving the child support, not you.

Answer #8

Regardless of your age, it is not your money to fight for. If your mother needed that money then she should have taken him to court over it.

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